Hello! I’m Megan; just your average 26 year old female, striving to live the best life. I started this blog as creative outlet in early 2017 and quickly realized how much I loved blogging, photography, and writing. Like many of you who may be reading, my personal wellness journey has been quite a rollercoaster. I spent many years struggling to find the right balance between food and exercise. I feel like I’m finally in a place of which I try and honor my body, nourish it well, and also embrace all the things that contribute to health aside from food and fitness. My own experiences, along with a discovered passion for nutrition and biology has inspired me to begin down a path to pursue a career in nutritional and wellness counseling. When I’m not cooking or blogging, I love to read, do yoga, play the guitar and spend time with my loving fiancé, Corey.

Enjoy all that you find on Minding My Soul!